Pacific Crest Trail Map - California Series-Central Sierra-Map #4

Pacific Crest Trail Map - California Series-Central Sierra-Map #4

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Pacific Crest Trail Map - California Series-Central Sierra-Map #4


PCT Map - Northern Sierra Northern Sierra - Map #4

Map #4 in the U.S. Forest Service's award-winning Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) map series covers 300 PCT miles in California, from Le Conte Canyon to Barker Pass in the Sierra Nevada. Like all the maps in this series, map #4 is fully functional for trip planning and provides detailed topographic and geographic coordinate information, trail elevation profiles, and safety tips. Access roads, trailheads, and feeder trails that lead to the PCT are depicted. Scenic trips that capture this section's highlights are described. Trail trivia enthusiasts will appreciate the interesting write-ups regarding historical as well as ecological features found along the trail and in its environs. For instance, this Northern Sierra map includes informative text about the John Muir Trail, pikas, yellow-bellied marmots, glaciation, high passes, Devil's Postpile, Thousand Island Lake, Yosemite National Park, Desolation Wilderness, Lake Tahoe, and more. The map is printed on water- and tear-resistant paper, features beautiful photographs donated by PCTA members, and can be trimmed to show only the topographical map itself (for those wishing to minimize weight.) Place your order today and enjoy this stunning new addition to the PCT map series.